Hallowe’en in Salem

October 29 in Salem, Massachusetts will be the first time that Thelemic Symposium will take place on the East Coast, but it has been an annual event in Portland, Oregon, where it has sold out every year for ten years.

Past panelists have included David Shoemaker, James Wasserman, Karen James, M. Dionysius Rogers, Marlene Cornelius, Richard Kaczynski, Vere Chappell, and many others.

Without exception, everyone who has attended or participated in Symposium has described it as one of their all-time favorite events.

This year, Symposium is branching out, and we hope that it will become an annual tradition on the East Coast as well. The occasion will also mark an exciting time of year in “Witch City” — Halloween — affording an opportunity for visitors to celebrate this holiday in a unique way, as over 200,000 gather in this small town to don costumes and/or ritual garb.

Tickets and complete information available at:
Thelemic Symposium in Salem, Massachusetts

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