Anna Tsu

Anna Tsu was initiated into O.T.O. in 2003 EV.  She currently serves as Master of 418 Lodge, after several years as Secretary.  Anna takes great pleasure in her work as an ordained Priestess and as an Initiator, and is active in organizing local and national events, notably the Mystics, Mothers, and Magicians conference in 2008.  Her writings have been published in Cheth and Agapé, and she is a popular speaker at local and regional O.T.O. events.  She is particularly interested in creating, on the material plane, a suitable environment for the expression of the Thelemic current.  To this end, she constructed one of the first structures expressly built from the foundation up as a Thelemic Temple.  She also enjoys working to build the strength and numbers of her local body, and the Order as a whole.  Anna works as a licensed acupuncturist, and is working to form an O.T.O. Acupuncture Guild.  She has a great interest in issues of social justice and environmental sustainability, and lives with her husband, Brother David Shoemaker, in Sacramento, along with various cats, chickens, fish, and assorted other critters.


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