Frater Puck

Frater PuckFrater Puck has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis for 17 years and has proudly served locally, regionally and nationally his brethren in the Cause of Freedom.

He has been honored to present at NOTOCON, to travel regionally, nationally and internationally to break bread with Brethren, and to offer Order and E.G.C. service. He proudly participates with various local bodies in a myriad roles and support positions.

He has served as Treasurer of Tahuti Lodge in New York City (1995 EV – 2000 EV) and Master of Tahuti Lodge (2000 EV – 2005 EV). From 2000-2010 EV, he was a member of the Membership Committee and Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R&C.

He has been a Chartered Initiator and Ordained E.G.C. Priest since 1998 EV and is a Certified Initiator Trainer. He is a member of the Mentorship Program as well.

He is currently a co-organizer and co-host of the O.T.O. U.S.G.L. Podcast, Thelema NOW!, and is a co-organizer and co-founder of the Musicka Mystica Maxima Festival, arranged under the Auspices of O.T.O., bringing together a diverse group of Occultists and Musicians.


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