The following is an alphabetical listing (by last civil name or first motto name) of all the panelists who have been a panelist of Thelemic Symposium.

To see a listing of the panelists in chronological order, with links to their respective Thelemic Symposium websites, see the Past Symposia page.

  • Dathan Biberstein
  • Craig Berry
  • Lita-Luise Chappell
  • Vere Chappell
  • Marlene Cornelius
  • M. Lisa Faulkner
  • Hank Hadeed
  • Bonnie Henderson-Winnie
  • Frater Hrumachis
  • Doug James
  • Karen James
  • David R Jones
  • Richard Kaczynski
  • Beth Kimbell
  • Kim Knight
  • Content Love Knowles
  • Michael Kolson
  • Anita Kraft
  • Eliza McBryde
  • James Nobles
  • Jason Augustus Newcomb
  • T Omphalos
  • Frater Puck
  • M. Dionysius Rogers
  • Keith S. Schuerholz
  • Jon Sewell
  • Annie “Bones” Sheeler
  • David Shoemaker
  • Bob Stein
  • James Strain
  • Anna Tsu
  • James Wasserman
  • Brandy Williams

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