Soror Hypatia

Sr. Hypatia (Tau Asteria) has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis since 1995 ev. She was U.S.G.L. E.G.C. Secretary from 2008-2011 and presently serves as High Priestess of Infinite Stars Chapter of Rose Croix. Additionally, she has held the William Blake Lodge officer positions of treasurer from 1998- 2000 and master from 2001-2008. As a speaker, she has taught numerous classes on the role of the priestess, tarot, magick, initiation, ritual construction, fund raising, event management and many other topics. She has presented at local esoteric shops in the Maryland / D.C. metro area as well as O.T.O. bodies all over the country. Internationally, she has lectured in Sydney, Oslo, Vancouver, and London. Kerry is a guest presenter for O.T.O.’s Kaaba Colloquium Leadership Seminar and has also has presented several times for the U.S.G.L. National O.T.O. Conference (NOTOCON) as well as serving as on-site conference chair for NOTOCON in 2005. She works as a professional event manager.


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